Photos shared by Juju while being treated at a hospital in KK.

KOTA KINABALU: A 26-year-old single mother of three recounted how she ended up in hospital without knowing where or how she contracted the deadly Coronavirus.

Identifying herself as Juju Lee from Kota Kinabalu, she has been tested positive for Covid-19 (Stage Three) and is still warded at a government hospital here as at press time.

There are five stages of Covid-19 infection. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Stage Three is developing some form of pneumonia. There are complications of severe Covid-19 cases which include (but are not limited to) pneumonia, hypoxemic respiratory failure, as well as sepsis and septic shock. 

Having no medical history like high blood pressure or diabetes, Juju does not know how she got infected but she remembers her first sign of infection was fever and cough on Oct 9 morning.

She remembers going to a government health clinic in Luyang where she was given Panadol and cough syrup.

“Perhaps my symptoms were not that obvious at that time.

“Immediately after I got home, I isolated myself in my room without any contact with my family members and children,” she said.

Her symptoms soon developed and she remembers the extreme discomfort that came with a full-blown infection.

“By midnight, my whole body was aching. My temperature shot up,” she said.

In excruciating pain, she managed to drive to the hospital where swab test and blood samples were taken.

“That night I was told to isolate myself at home. By Oct 13, I got a call from the Ministry of Health, telling me that I tested positive for Covid-19 and that I was at a serious stage.

“I was admitted to the hospital where I have been until now since Oct 14,” she said.

At the hospital, she felt lethargic and suffered from excruciating dizziness, nausea and diarrhoea, as well as occasional breathing difficulty.

“There is excruciating pain all over my body. I have also lost my sense of smell and taste,” she said. “Although at this point I don’t need a ventilator to help me breathe, to be in that situation when sick with something that’s potentially deadly is outright terrifying.

“I am alone here because all Covid-19 patients are not allowed to have visitors. Even your family members or friends are not allowed to visit.

“I feel sad. I keep crying. I can’t meet my family, my children,” she said.

“As the disease progresses slowly, it’s also a mental challenge to not know when it will be over. 

“No. The doctors just mention X-ray, injection, blood test and they don’t recommend me going home for quarantine,” she said when asked if the doctors told her for how long she is expected to remain in the hospital.

“At this point, doctors are not sure how long this thing can remain in your body,” she said.

On whether she was told what to expect once she leaves the hospital, whether she will be fully recovered or will she be left with any health conditions, she said:

“So far, the doctors are also not sure.”

“It takes time to recover depending on your body, some might take a year or two, maybe more than 10 years, not sure,” she said.

“If you have only one message to everyone, what would it be?” Without hesitation, Juju said:

“I just hope Sabahans and all Malaysians can take good care of themselves because Covid-19 is not a normal sickness.

“It takes only a minute to affect your body, you cannot see it but Covid-19 is around.

“Even if you are outdoors for a minute, you must bath immediately once you reach home and wear a face mask.

“If you have fever or cough, please just go to the hospital,” she said.

She urges everyone to comply with the standard operating procedure and to stay at home.

“Don’t take Covid-19 lightly, it is very dangerous. Stay at home if it is not necessary to go out.”

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